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For ice-packed products, you depend on high-performance packaging to keep seafood, salmon and other fish fresh from the catch to the customer. You need water-resistant boxes that you can trust. And while your customers are asking for sustainable options, you also need to deliver strong packaging with lower costs.

You can do it now with Greencoat, a coated, 100% sustainable, wax-free, water-resistant corrugated box. A result of five years of research and development, Greencoat protects your product, your bottom line, and the environment.

Greencoat is just as durable as non-recyclable packaging with benefits that go far beyond the box. It’s also less expensive than non-recyclable boxes—and it eliminates waste removal fees for your customers. Unlike EPS, Greencoat ships flat, saving you valuable shipping and storage space. Where other packaging cracks or breaks, Greencoat stands up to the constant rigor of transporting your seafood to ensure your products are delivered as promised.

Greencoat by Interstate Container is the future of moisture-resistant packaging.


Financial Benefits

  • Less costly than wax boxes and EPS
  • Save $50-$70 / ton in wax box disposal fees
  • Earn revenues of $70-100 by recycling

Environmental Benefits

  • 100% recyclable
  • Repulpable
  • Reduced C02 emissions
  • Reportable in:
    • GRI G4-EN-1: Renewable Materials
    • GRI G4-EN-32 & 33: Supplier Environmental Assessment

Product Benefits

  • Water-resistant
  • Strong & durable
  • Stacks flat, saving on shipping & storage
  • Won't crack or break like EPS
  • Customized for your needs


Interstate Container’s Mechanical Packaging Team supports poultry processors directly with their box making and box room needs. Our goal is singular: to ensure box making machines run smoothly, in order to produce a quality box to ship and store your poultry.

From Columbia, SC, we serve poultry processors throughout the eastern half of the US with the following services:

• Machine Inspection & Preventive Maintenance Planning
• Machine Overhaul
• Equipment Selection & Procurement
• Box Inspection in Cooler & on Production Floor
• Box Room Efficiency Evaluation
• Waste Reduction Recommendations
• Training

If you have questions about this service, please email us.



Greencoat Conducts Successful Packaging Trials for the Irish and UK Salmon Markets

Global Green USA Tests Greencoat 100% Recyclable Seafood Boxes at New Orleans Fish House


Eddie Gonzales, Sales Representative, New Orleans Fish House

"From a business perspective, it makes perfect sense. Our customers don't want to bear the costs of landfilling boxes, so recyclable packaging is an added value that we can offer. It's the next step in our evolution."