Greencoat® Story

The Greencoat® Story: Fighting Landfill Waste with Relentless Innovation

 U.S. retailers and restaurants pay approximately $50 million annually to dispose of roughly 1.47 million tons of wax boxes used to pack and ship cold and wet products. Back in 2004, Mountaire Farms, one of the largest poultry processors in the U.S., started to hear grumblings from customers in these industries who were growing tired of bearing the monetary and environmental costs associated with wax box disposal. Mountaire saw change coming and wanted to get ahead of the curve. They scoured the packaging industry in hopes of finding a recyclable, wax replacement box that would provide them with the level of performance that they required. They found that it didn’t exist. They decided to join forces with Interstate Container, a leading corrugated packaging manufacturer in the U.S., to develop a recyclable, wax replacement box that would meet the demands of the poultry supply chain. 

There were years of testing and trials with several setbacks but Interstate Container and Mountaire were relentless in their pursuit of a viable wax replacement solution. In 2010, Greencoat® was deemed a success. Mountaire transitioned their boxes from wax to Greencoat® and now send Greencoat® all over the world — Africa, the Mideast, China, etc. — and the boxes don’t fail. Greencoat® has revolutionized packaging in the poultry industry and has become the industry standard. Those early grumblings from retail and restaurant customers about the monetary and environmental costs associated with wax disposal have turned into full-fledged Sustainability Departments with rigid vendor requirements. When they hear Greencoat® is being used to deliver product, it helps to seal the deal. They know Greencoat® performs and can be recycled. 
Today, Greencoat® has completely changed the way cold and wet products are packed and shipped. It's now being successfully used in the poultry, produce and seafood industries. Companies that switch to Greencoat® never go back to wax because it provides the same strength and performance as wax coated boxes, but is 100% recyclable and repulpable, which saves money and is significantly better for the environment.
And that’s just the beginning. Demand for wax has declined, landfill costs are down as are carbon emissions. As more organizations adopt Greencoat® for packing their products, the environmental impact and cost savings will only continue to grow.

Greencoat® Evolution TIMELINE

  1. 2004

    Initial trials using FDA/USDA approved edible hydrogenated triglycerides as alternative to paraffin wax.

  2. 2005

    Increase production trials of approved tallow as alternative on non-poultry wax boxes.

    August 29, 2005 - Hurricane Katrina hits and flow of wax ceases from CITGO and the Gulf coast region. Prices continue to rise after shipments resume.

  3. 2007

    Mountaire approves 100% transition away from paraffin wax for impregnation to edible tallow. Only poultry company in the US to do so.

    Fibre Box Association approves recyclability/ repulpability of full impregnation (only) sheet with tallow in November.

    Off-site mill (Pratt) approves OCC/DLK material in their Staten Island paper mill.

  4. 2009

    Received FBA (Fiber Box Association) approval on Greencoat® for fully recyclable/repulpable wax alternative.

    Trials with Mountaire on Greencoat® for various packages are underway and analyzed.

  5. 2010

    Mountaire transitions USA’s largest poultry operation (Lumber Bridge, NC) to 100% recyclable packaging with Greencoat®.

    Accolades given by Poultry press (WATT), Global Green, WMDT, and multiple stories in various publications.

  6. 2011

    Opened state of the art facility in Columbia, SC

    Developed Greencoat® boxes for the Fresh Produce industry

  7. 2012

    Developed Greencoat® boxes for the Stone industry

    Currently shipping over 3.5 million Greencoat® boxes per month

    Growing 20% annually

  8. 2013

    5 million boxes shipped per month

    Developed Greencoat boxes for Seafood

    Sales Growth of 30%

  9. 2014

    Trials begin in Ireland with a Greencoat 25 KG Salmon box.

  10. 2015

    Initial planning for a 3rd Greencoat plant begins

    8 million GC boxes shipping monthly
    Sales growth of 20%

  11. 2016

    Greencoat 3 Launched

    Transition 100% of Produce business to Greencoat 3
    Shipping over 12 million GC boxes monthly
    15% sales growth

  12. 2017

    20 million GC boxes shipping monthly

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