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    Greencoat Poultry Boxes


As a poultry processor, you know it’s important to use high-performance packaging to keep your products fresh throughout the entire supply chain. Water-resistant boxes can do the job, but Greencoat can do it better — and for less. Sustainable, wax-free and water-resistant, Greencoat coated boxes and trays are the ultimate recyclable poultry packaging solution that’s also 10% stronger than the competition. You simply can’t find it anywhere else either. The result of five years of research and development, Greencoat helps you:

  • Protect your products and the environment
  • Get paid for your waste instead of paying to dispose of wax-coated corrugated packaging
  • Save money because Greencoat boxes are more affordable than wax curtain coated boxes and less costly to glue
  • Gain a competitive edge with recyclable boxes that are 10% stronger
  • Transition smoothly with the proven leader in recyclable poultry boxes

Greencoat by Interstate Container is the future of moisture-resistant packaging.


Financial Benefits

  • Costs less than wax boxes
  • Save $50-$70 / ton in wax box disposal fees
  • Earn revenues of $70-100 by recycling

Environmental Benefits

  • 100% recyclable
  • Repulpable
  • Box room waste reduced by 50%
  • Reduced C02 emissions
  • Reportable in:
    • GRI G4-EN-1: Renewable Materials
    • GRI G4-EN-32 & 33: Supplier Environmental Assessment

Product Benefits

  • Water-resistant
  • Strong & durable
  • Easier to glue than wax
  • Superior meat release capabilities
  • Customized for your needs



Interstate Container’s Mechanical Packaging Team supports poultry processors directly with their box making and box room needs. Our goal is singular: to ensure box making machines run smoothly, in order to produce a quality box to ship and store your poultry.

From Columbia, SC, we serve poultry processors throughout the eastern half of the US with the following services:

• Machine Inspection & Preventive Maintenance Planning
• Machine Overhaul
• Equipment Selection & Procurement
• Box Inspection in Cooler & on Production Floor
• Box Room Efficiency Evaluation
• Waste Reduction Recommendations
• Training

If you have questions about this service, please email us.



Global Green USA Sustainable Design Awards: Interstate Container & Mountaire Farms


Ron Pittington, Director of Purchasing, Mountaire Farms

“When it comes to high performance corrugated boxes of various designs, Mountaire’s go-to is Interstate Container. They’re more than just a material supply source to us. They’re a key partner in Mountaire’s continuing success. Our business relationship began in the late 1990’s. Interstate Container transitioned into Mountaire’s 100% corrugated source in 2006, and they remain so today. In 2012, Mountaire established a Visionary & Innovation Packaging Group, with Interstate Container as a key participant helping lead Mountaire throughout this century. We’re extremely pleased to be associated with the whole Interstate Container team and look further to a long-lasting partnership."