Interstate Container’s been developing industry-changing packaging designs for over 15 years. Yet we’ve never lost touch with what makes us unique:
a relentless focus on innovation, expertise to meet specific packaging challenges, and the flexibility to interact with and personally service our customers.

Greencoat wax-free corrugated boxes exemplify all these core principles that make Interstate Container
the packaging partner of choice for some of the largest poultry and fresh produce operations in the U.S.

8 Reasons to Go with Greencoat® Boxes

  • 100% Recyclable & Repulpable

Every wax-coated box you use takes a hundred years to break down in a landfill. How many boxes do you load up and ship per week, month or year? Greencoat significantly reduces your environmental impact on the world with 100% recyclable, repulpable wax-free packaging.

  • Meeting Sustainability Guidelines

Interstate Container spent five years of R&D, honing and perfecting their Greencoat wax-free corrugated boxes. And we've dedicated two plants exclusively to this proprietary technology. We're dedicated to providing you with stronger, more sustainable boxes for the long term.

  • Customized Box & Tray Sizes

Not Just Stock Boxes
With many larger box providers, you're limited to a fixed selection of box sizes - no matter what you're packaging or what the challenges may be. At Interstate Container, we have expert engineers who work with you to "right size" customized packaging that builds strength while reducing costs.

  • Recognized, Award-Winning Packaging Solution

Interstate Container was honored to be recognized with the first-ever Pioneer Award by the Global Green Coalition for Resource Recovery (CoRR), a Manhattan-based non-profit organization committed to addressing some of the world's most pressing environmental challenges.

  • Proven Quality & Performance

We produce and ship over 5 million wax-free coated corrugated boxes from our Maryland and South Carolina facilities every month. We're the trusted provider for some of the largest food manufacturers in the country, who ship hundreds of thousands of boxes filled with their poultry every week. With deployment on such a broad scale, you can rest assured it's field-tested.

  • Time & Energy Savings
    with In-Line Coating

Interstate Container custom-built two state of the art production facilities that allow us to do our coating in line with the rest of the process, saving time and energy. Our competitors typically outsource their paper coating, increasing expenses while making the product less sustainable due to the extra diesel fuel required to transport it.

  • As Strong as Traditional Wax Boxes
    & EPS

Greencoat wax-free corrugated boxes withstand tremendous exposure to moisture, rough handling, long storage and the ins and outs of cold-to-hot environmental conditions. Why not run side-by-side trials of Greencoat with your current packaging to see for yourself?

  • Satisfying to your Customers

Today, end users are increasingly demanding more sensible and sustainable packaging alternatives. They want to reduce their own carbon footprints and eliminate wax disposal costs, without compromising on strength or water resistance. Switching to Greencoat will help you to satisfy these growing demands, while making a positive contribution to the world.